Everest Hiking Pack Review

Do you want to get a perfect hiking backpack where you can pack all your items when going for hiking? Try the Everest Hiking Pack and you will be sure of having a great time outdoors.

The hiking pack is perfect for those hiking and camping moments during summer. This hiking pack is a one of a kind backpack with a huge storage space for keeping all your hiking requirements.

So if you are a hiker or planning to go for hiking, then purchasing this hiking pack is very essential and a must have.

It is made of a polyester material which makes it very durable and easily washable either by hand or machine. It can fit anybody perfectly whether of short or tall heights since it’s a 15-inch shoulder drop.

Everest Hiking Pack Review


The hiking pack is made of a polyester material which makes it durable and easy to maintain. The polyester material also makes the bag last longer, so no need of worrying about the bag wearing or tearing off. The inner part of the bag has a polyester lining that makes the bag have an extra durability.

Drawstring And Side Release Buckles Closure

This hiking pack has a side release buckles that ensure the pack is safely secured whenever the pack is being used. Therefore, all the hiking necessities are maximally protected and secured hence eliminating any chances of items getting lost. The pack has a drawstring that gives the hiking necessities extra protection too since this drawstring tightly secures the pack.

15-Inch Shoulder Drop

This pack can be adjusted up to 15 inches from the shoulders downwards making the pack suitable for any person regardless of one being short or tall. This is very handy since the pack is designed to suit every person. So if a person using this hiking pack then all he needs to do is to adjust the shoulder straps to suit the person and same goes to a taller person.

24 Inches High

This hiking pack is very high and has a height of 24 inches which is perfect, and one can easily carry long items like hiking maps without necessarily having to fold them. Again, the height makes the bag have more storage space upwards hence all the hiking necessities an easily fit in the pack.

Size Dimensions

This hiking pack has a size dimension of 24 x 13.5 x 8 inches creates a huge space for carrying all the items one can need. Thus, this size dimensions makes the compartment huge, and one can pack and unpack with much ease since the bag has a huge compartment with zero pockets, so the pack’s huge compartments are not limited by the existence of multiple pockets within this main compartments.

Dual Shoulder Straps

This hiking pack has dual shoulder straps that make the pack very easy to carry around plus these straps are padded making them quite comfortable while carrying it. Dual straps are very handy since they distribute bag’s weight evenly making it very easy to carry.

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  • Size dimensions.
  • 24 inches high.
  • 15-inch shoulder drop.
  • Drawstring and side release buckles closure.
  • Dual shoulder straps.


  • The chest straps are attached way to high on the shoulder straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the overall weight of this hiking pack?

A: The hiking pack weighs at least 3 pounds when empty.

Q: How can the hiking pack be cleaned?

A: This hiking pack can be either hand or machine washed depending on one’s preference.

Q: Is the hiking pack restricted to only one color?

A: Yes, this hiking pack restricted to jungle green color only which is ideal for hiking purposes.

Final Verdict

Purchasing this hiking pack is great especially if you or your partner loves hiking. This hiking pack can be purchased as a perfect gift since it can be used by both males and females and comes with a gift wrap.

Plus, it has some of the best-rated features which include the hiking pack being made of polyester which makes the bag durable and very easy to clean.

It has a lot of storage space that can give you enough room for carrying all your hiking necessities. Plus it’s very cheap and quite affordable so grab your hiking pack too, and you will never regret.

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