Sun Hiker Hiking Backpack Review

Have you ever thought of owning a jungle green backpack (well that is if you don’t own one)? Then you should look forward to owning one.

Imagine those hiking moments with your cool camouflage backpack that will bring out your wild side of your personality. Why should you make your hiking more boring when you can make it a blast?

You can camouflage from your backpack to your dressing and play mystical with your friends. Plus, the backpack comes in a variety of colors, so if you not into jungle green, you have a variety to select.

Sun Hiker Hiking Backpack Review

Reflective Line And Lifesaving Whistle

This awesome backpack has a reflective line located at the back of the backpack which makes the backpack very interesting.

This reflective line is very handy especially at night time. For instance, imagine cycling back from the woods and you are carrying this backpack, and the reflective line will help you since one can always notice you which totally eliminate the chances of accidents happening.

The lifesaving whistle is very handy too since one can always blow it whenever a need arises such as being stranded in the woods all alone.

In fact, I think this feature totally rocks for me, and I don’t see the need as to why would one not consider purchasing this backpack.

Waterproof Cover

In case of those moments when there is a sudden rainfall then all your worries are totally cover giving you a very ample hiking time.

This sun hiker hiking backpack comes with a waterproof cover that provides maximum protection for all your stuff and totally eliminates water penetrating through to the inner parts of the backpack. So no ore need of worrying about sudden rainfalls cutting short those amazing hiking moments. You can also get review of best waterproof backpack.

Huge Storage

Apart from using the backpack for hiking only, one can easily convert the purpose of this backpack to many uses which can include making it a weekend bag or for carrying your lovely laptop or notebook. It can perfectly fit your laptop, mouse, charger, and a variety of books like magazines, the A4s, mobile phones and iPad.

What a plenty storage room you can have? So whether you own a 15.6-inch laptop or less no need of getting panicked since all your needs are catered for. Just forget those college bags with very limited storage space and say hello to this awesome backpack.

Nylon Made With SBS Zippers

It is made from nylon material which makes the backpack have more quality, and it comes at a very fair price. So I don’t see the need of purchasing those poor quality backpacks when you can always get the best with this awesome backpack.

All the pockets have SBS zippers that will ensure all your stuff are safely secured from fall and getting lost on the way.


  • Waterproof cover.
  • Huge storage.
  • Reflective line and lifesaving whistle.
  • Nylon made with SBS zippers.


  • It’s not suitable for kids under the age of 10.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum weight load for this backpack?

A: It can carry up to 50 kilograms of weight stuff.

Q: How is the backpack cleaned?

A: It’s usually cleaned with a wet cloth and then it’s dried in the sun.

Q: Can one carry water bottles?

A: Yes, it has dual bottle holders on the sides.

Final Verdict

Therefore, purchasing this sun hiker backpack will totally be a very smart choice for you since it’s very durable because it’s made from nylon which also makes the backpack have very high quality.

Just imagine a backpack that can allow you to carry up to 50 kilograms of stuff and what you will do with it? So just purchase this sweetheart and let your packing desire determine how the backpack will be of benefits to you.

The straps are usually designed in a unique way to ensure that one doesn’t feel unease while carrying this backpack. Trust me when I say that purchasing this backpack will never disappoint you since I have personally used this backpack and up to now I would still go for this backpack.

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