V Biger Hiking Backpack Large Capacity Lightweight Review

Planning for a hike and you are worried about how you will carry your tent, your sleeping bag and other supplies for the hike? Worry not, V biger hiking Backpack is there for you. You can keep handy your hike needs and essentials with these backpacks.

It has an awesome design. It is designed such that in such a way that you can’t resist but gain interest in purchasing it. It is a bit large or rather has a bigger capacity than other hiking backpacks. It has a lot of space and many pockets both on the inside and on the outside.

The straps are well cushioned to ensure that you are comfortable when carrying it around. There are plenty of colors available including black, dark blue, green, navy blue, orange, red and yellow to allow you to purchase any color you love or rather the color that you are interested in.

V Biger Hiking Backpack Large Capacity Lightweight Review

Large Capacity

The backpack is roomy enough for your many hiking necessities you might need to carry for the hike. It is much bigger than any other hiking backpacks.

You can carry more than you can need for the hike as the backpack has various pockets available both in the inside and the outside that you can distribute your stuff into when packing. Its large capacity ensures that you don’t lack space to keep your stuff.

Water Resistant

Vbiger hiking backpack is made of nylon fabric that is water resistant. This ensures the safety of your belongings that are inside the bag or in the pockets outside even when you are rained on since the nylon fabric does not allow water penetration into the bag at all.

You can still enjoy hiking in the rain since with v biger backpack your belongings are safe from the rain.


The hiking backpack is light. You can be able to carry it around without getting tired whatsoever. Weight is distributed when stuff are packed into different pockets making it light.

This is an attractive quality since no hikes or people who are into hiking likes carrying heavy bags around and its, therefore, wise and advisable for them to carry with them the V biger hiking backpack for their hiking.

Adjustable Straps

The many straps on the backpack can be adjusted that is loosened or tightened to suit the person carrying it considering his or her height and also body size. This ensures that the person carrying the bag is comfortable carrying it on his or her back. The straps ensure that the backpack is tight enough to prevent it from falling off. It also offers perfect balance when carrying it on the back.


The backpack is strong enough and durable. It can get you through many hikes without any worry of it wearing out or being torn.

You can use it for going to many hikes as possible since it is durable. It can carry a lot of stuff but still strong enough to hold much more stuff for a period. One can depend on it for many hiking activities. I have collected Best Durable Hiking Backpack for your review.


  • Durable
  • Excellent quality
  • Large capacity
  • Good design
  • Comfortable


  • Has no rain cover
  • No internal frame

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there a variety of color options to select?

A: Yes, it is available in many colors.

Q: Is it possible to use this backpack be used as a carry-on?

A: Yes it can suitably be used as a carry-on.

Q: The fact that it is water resistant, does it also have rain cover?

A: No, unfortunately, it has no rain cover.

Final Verdict

If I were to go camping and had many things to carry, I would proudly consider purchasing the v biger hiking backpack. Its excellent quality is the one thing that makes the bag stands out from the others.

The multiple straps on the many pockets keep the bag tight when you have it on your back plus you won’t run short of space to pack your hiking needs and necessities even when what you are carrying is a lot. It is available in many colors to satisfy users choice of colors and interest in the different colors.

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