Best Ski Backpacks – Guide & Reviews

Choosing the best bag for your skiing needs can be such a hassle and gamble. You may be thinking your intuition and instincts are incredible, and you can afford a risk but please do not try gambling you will end up biting your tongue for multiple times before you lay your hands on the perfect bag.

So here is a breakdown of the bags that have been tested by professionals and have passed the test of time.

They offer you with affordability and quality you cannot deny. These bags have compact and sleek designs to offer. The manufacturers choose the 600D polymer/ polyester to acquire final amazing products.

In the accessorizing of these bags they incorporate the likes of goggles pocket, ski and snowboard carry to optimize on quality.

Best Ski Backpacks

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Ski Backpacks

Before you make up your mind on the best backpack for ski, try to think of the following essential things.


The design issue is put in black and white for everyone to see and understand. Sleek and compact design is the thing that will give you complete satisfaction from any of the bags.


Good accessorizing sees to it that the bag will meet all your skiing needs. Accessories such as the snowboard and ski carry are vital features that I look out for in all of the bags.


Despite all the weight that accompanies the things that you pack in there it should not hurt or feel uncomfortable, the sternum strap and the padded waistline are some details that enhance comfort.


The material determines the strength of your bag. Check out for the 600D on the materials it is the standard for quality material for the bag. It means the material is thick and strong enough.

Recommended Best Ski Backpacks

Check the following reviews of five best ski backpacks that will allow you carry your items conveniently.

1. DakineHeli Pro Backpack

DakineHeli Pro Backpack

The DakineHeli Pro Backpack is a large bag in the Dakine series.

It will take care of all your packaging needs while having some great fun.

It offers you quick access to your goodies anytime that you need them. It also incorporates the amazing quality of quick drying panels. It is that excellent, ask Kevin Guri.

Compact And Sleek Design

Despite being a big version of the Dakine series the design is compact and stylish. The moment you lay eyes on it, you put it on your wish list not for long though because you will be getting it anytime you want as it is very affordable and available at the outlets.

Vertical Snowboard Carry

After some great fun in the snow, the snowboard carry comes so much in handy. All you have to do is fix your snowboard on the carry, and you can walk the rest of the distance home blissfully. It covers your needs well with the addition of the diagonal ski carry.


It proudly has a list of accessories to its name, an insulated hydro sleeve that makes rehydration such an easy thing. Fleece-lined goggles pocket that fits even the biggest of the goggles and a shovel carry. It also has a rescue whistle on the sternum strap.

600D Polyester

Polyester is on of the most recommended materials that make bags. This bag design is from 600D polyester which makes it stand out when it comes to strength to hold all of the weight that you will need to carry.

2. DakineHeli Pack

DakineHeli Pack

The DakineHeli Pack belongs to the larger family of the Dakine series. It is smaller than the Dakine Pro but has the same amazing properties that the Dakine Pro has to offer.

Maximum comfort and quality are guaranteed and the price? Fantastic prices.

600D polymer, the 600D on the polymer is just not a number. It stands for the denier of the polymer. So this particular polymer is heavier and thicker and, stronger. It takes the weight of the ski and snowboards comfortably.

Easy To Use

This bag has a place for everything. The fleece lined goggle pockets whenever you need the glasses you know just which pocket to look in. It also incorporates and insulated hydro sleeve making it easier for you to dehydrate.


The diagonal ski carry, the external shovel carry are the features that make this bag comfortable. Once the ski and the shovel are in place, you can maneuver comfortably.The sternum strap further adds to the comfort.


This bag is the kind you use to the resort; you can use it for some upcountry adventures it adapts well for the many endeavors in your daily activities. Well, it's a real companion for skiing. Meaning you will be saving some extra dimes.

3. BURTON Prospect Pack

BURTON Prospect Pack

I interpret a lifetime warranty as a green light from any of the manufacturers.

They trust their product to afford a lifetime warranty. 

If it were not this would mean real jeopardy of the business. And yeah the BURTON Prospect is a bag that beats average standards at a very affordable price.


A durable bag will go for a long time and still look as good as new. This bag is from pure polyester no impurities at all. This bag is worth coughing out extra dollars you will not regret it.

Water Bottle Pockets

At the sides, this bag has some water pockets where you tuck some water to take care of quenching purposes. Getting thirsty and you got no water available is like somebody is trying to steal the very will of living from you.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

Adjustable shoulder straps mean you can put it up with loose straps to do it easily then adjust the straps for a tighter fit. Sounds easy right? It is easy. You can utilize this to make the bag fit for everyone in the family.

Lifetime Warranty

In the case of any mishap, the manufacturer has put measures to ensure that you will not end up sad for buying the bag. Such measure is the lifetime warranty that covers you for the entire period you will be using the bag.

4. Osprey Daylite Backpack

Osprey Daylite Backpack

The Osprey is a combination of greatness, light weight, sleek and compact design.

You will be jumping in and out of elevators without having to get your bag on and off each and every of the times.

This kit fits all of the family members all you have to do is utilize the adjustable straps feature and since it's lightweight even your kids can stand the weight.

Slim And Light Weight

The Osprey Daylite Backpack incorporates a compact design. Slim and compact, you will not need to take off when in a lift the set off from the sides of the lift are allowable. The fact that it is also light weight makes sure that it does not weigh you down.

Adjustable straps

Adjustable straps make this design versatile. We use the same bag, I, my wife and my kids all we do is adjust the straps. What I meant to say is you can also buy the same Osprey Daylite Backpack one for you and your children and by adjusting the straps everyone will be happy.

High-Quality Zippers

The zippers on this bag are high grade if there is such a word for zippers. No constant repairs and replacement, these zippers do not easily catch a cold.


This bag pushes comfort to the limits. It has a fantastic padded waistline. What this does is give you wrap around your waist you can afford to carry some stones in there, and you will not notice its stones you were carrying.

5. High Sierra U.S Ski Team Backpack

High Sierra U.S Ski Team Backpack

Carry your items in the best way possible with the High Sierra U.S Ski Team Backpack.

The makes looks good for starters, with the logo on this bag you will be truly a royal fan of the team, and it is real fun especially when people notice, and you start a conversation out of it.

You cannot complain about space when using this bag. The design has multiple compartments. There is a place for everything that you will need to carry with you. The better you arrange your things, the more things you can take.


The stitching is real world class. The stitching binds this bag so perfectly holding the multiple compartments and accessories in place. For example the zippered mesh pockets, it does not threaten to tear under- weight.


It offers a range of fantastic features. From durability to the multiple cargo compartments but with all these the price is pocket-friendly. For all that it offers it is not overpriced it is worth every dime, you will affirm to this.

Adjustable Sternum Straps

Adjustable sternum pockets give you the extra hold on the bag. Bags have a tendency to give in to give in to gravity but once you use the sternum strap it defies the law lot of gravity it will be obeying your rules.

Final Words

The bags named in this article are not just good. They are excellent. That is why the likes of Kevin Guri have them as their lifetime companions for some great adventure. I own a couple of them too and it does not end there you can have a look at the ratings at the various outlets, and you will not dispute these facts.

You can pick any of these bags anywhere anytime at the various outlets. Some come with a lifetime warranty, so it is risk-free.

Get any bag that suits you and see for yourself that am not exaggerating on anything and if it does not meet your standards you can always use the advantage of the warranty.

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