Best Military Backpack For Hiking – Guide & Reviews

Many are the times I wonder out loud how on earth are military officers able to carry much loads on their backs with intense activities such as mountain climbing, running or hiking? However, I came to realize that despite their training, these backpacks have been made for their comfort and stabilized the load centrally on the back.

Their backpacks are of great fitness for all people of different stature, made of strong, durable material and with added features for more comforts and versatility.

They range from expensive to affordable unit, heavy to light weight ones and with different carrying capacities. Despite their individual make each has distinct features that make it ideal for a certain market. The following information will guide you one the best for you.

Best Military Backpack For Hiking

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Military Backpack For Hiking

The following should be well factored in before buying any military backpack for hiking, cycling, camping or traveling:

Load Distribution [Weight]

The greater the weight and size of the load, the better the hiking backpack you allowed to have for your adventure. It should d have a good hip belt that will enable to craps your hip when having a heavy load.

Fitted Backpack

You not only need quality and performance but also the right size for you. A backpack that does not fit you will make you tire very first and more strain your shoulders and back. Take a case of a backpack that goes below your hips, and you will quickly get tired and back problems come in due to much bending.


Weather is very dynamic with little predictions that at times fail. For you to safely carry your items without much worry, consider purchasing a backpack that is made of a water repellant fabric. This maintains your belonging intact without wetness crippling in.


Having a good hiking backpack should be well camouflaged color that will make the difference while in a forest hiking they should also resemble the area appearance.


An important factor as size is involved it is considered well and equitable when purchasing a hiking backpack. The duration of your hike will determine what size of a bag you should have. More important long distance trip will tend to have a larger bag for your comfort.

Recommended Best Military Backpack For Hiking

Are confused selecting the right military backpack? I know it can be tricky but with these top five backpacks, be sure to be on the right track.

1. Eyuorlife Sport Outdoor Military Rucksack Tactical Molle Backpack

Eyuorlife Sport Outdoor Military Rucksack Tactical Molle Backpack

Hiking in a military camp is not just a fun outdoor activity but in line of duty training. Having a good backpack is necessary, and if you are looking for one look no further, this product is big in quality and performance.

Some of these military backpacks have many colors that should be chosen when hiking.

They are always chosen well for a specific mission. The most effective and wearisome color that is good for military to a mission is a dull green which is camouflage to the forest.

Heavy Duty Water Resistant

A hiking backpack should have a certain feature whereby it must be a heavy duty nylon cloth made that is highly water resistance when out going for rain duration. It also has an extra durability of life time than other hiking military backpack.

Front Pockets Zip

This allows you to store small items many of which you will require from time to time and hence easy to access. They have enough space and well-fitted zipper.

Back System

Built with a durable nylon and detachable chest and hip belt that gives you room to convert the backpack into three small pockets and the main pack. It has side compression straps for adjustment and a breathable mesh back for good air circulation with a dry back even in very intense hiking activities.

2. 40L Outdoor Expandable Tactical Backpack Military Sports Camping Hiking

40L Outdoor Expandable Tactical Backpack Military Sports Camping Hiking

Stepping out with this backpack for hiking is a sight to behold. The amazing features make it very convenient in use and the design very great that is available in different colors.

This military backpack is very strong because it is made from a heavy duty nylon fabric that can hold so much weight without tearing apart.

This makes it very durable with a long life span. It's reliable for your use all year round and intense hiking or travel.


The weight of the backpack should not exceed 2kg with a capacity to carry 40 -50 liters of water this means that this backpack can carry so many things enough for your travel, hiking or camping. It has enough room for sleeping bags and a tent.


This backpack is designed in a way that you can carry small to big luggage. This it because it has a set that allows you to make adjustments for a small load, expand if you need more space and fold it into a small pocket when not using the pack.

Padded Straps

This tactical backpack has a comfortable shoulder, side and waist belt that its padded to relieve much pressure while carrying the load, and stabilizing it on your back so that it lies proportionally for comfort. This makes it easy to carry despite the load being heavy.

3. Gonex Military Molle Backpack 900 Waterproof Tactical Hiking

Gonex Military Molle Backpack 900 Waterproof Tactical Hiking

Gonex brand is a dependable house that gives the best backpacks for maximum customer satisfaction and long uses without repairs. The following are its major characteristics:

Military officers are known to walk around with sensitive and delicate gadgets that have to be well guarded whether in use or not.

This bag has a soft padded interior that you is safe to carry your mobile phones, laptop, and other essentials.

Water Repellant

Has a rain cover attached at the base of the backpack for easy access when need be usually used for a heavy downpour. And for light rains or a drizzle as the material made to repel water. However, it cannot withstand rain, and you would want to still protect your valuables from damage.

Practical Design

This bags excel in every way and is a define must for an outdoor trip. Has a high elasticity sponge with airflow channels keep your back and drymolle system. Well fitted with a safe laptop compartment, water bottle bag, accessory kit, load pockets among other for outstanding customer service.


It's a compact sizeable backpack that is easy to carry around - loaded or not. However, its size does not mean it does not have enough space to pack your things. It's been only modified to be fit for carry and fold into something small when on standby.

4. G4free 40l Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Molle Backpack

G4free 40l Sport Outdoor Military Rucksacks Tactical Molle Backpack

Has an exquisite design good for an outdoor activity be it hiking, cycling, traveling or for school use. The following are the most distinct features for this backpack;

Has fully spacious main compartment that carries more load with zipping all round for closure, some interior zip pocket and mesh pockets for more storage.

The other compartment on the front can be used to pack your beddings and tents because it as well has enough room for that.

Top Grab Handle

The manufacturer already knows that this backpack will be weighty in use and in intense activities where it exposes it to rapid wear. It has been made with a strong handle that can bear weight.

Access Point

I find it outdated for a bag that only gives you one entry point for packing and unpacking. This unit allows you to have much access point into your bag without having to take everything out.


This bag allows you to drag to the ground, awesome as you can still move the bag not necessarily it being on your back. Once you get tired, just roll.

5. Cvlife Outdoor Tactical Backpack Military

Cvlife Outdoor Tactical Backpack Military

It's a great choice for those that love hiking, trekking and camping as it can carry as much as you can for all the days you will be away.

The unit has two compartments for big luggage, many exterior zipper pockets for small items and a base pocket for storing the rain cover.

This means you have room for almost everything. A customer will also like a backpack of their favorite color. This unit has many colorful designs you can choose from.


It is constructed with a waterproof 600D nylon material. It makes the backpack more durable with little if any tear and repels water.

Back System

Have a padded waist belt and a sternum strap that help relieve pressure on shoulders while carrying loads. It also has a breathable back for you to remain dry.

Final Words

The above military backpacks are great for your and never shy away from getting one for yourself as it has a good balance of weight, spacious compartments, comfort, quality, and durability.

Each model many be different but awesome in their way. The only thing I would suggest is to get the right fit for you. This should be done by a professional before you even buy it.

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