WASING 55L Internal frame Backpack Hiking Backpacking Review

Thinking of going hiking or going camping for a few days? WASING 55Linternal frame backpack got you covered. The backpack accommodates everything you would want to carry for the hike or the camp.

The many pockets enable you to keep different stuff in different pockets according to their sizes which enhance organized packing.

There are many features that you won’t be able to resist, and its design is eye-catching. IT comes in different colors including red, green, yellow, light blue and also dark blue to suit the users’ different interest in different colors.

The backpack has many straps that have you buckled up and tightened relieving you from the weight. It is durable and strong, and you can use it for hiking and camping for as many times as you want without any distress that it would soon wear out or get torn due to frequent use.

WASING 55L Internal frame Backpack Hiking Backpacking Review

Water Resistant

When rain suddenly pours when you have your backpack on, you have nothing to worry about since water cannot penetrate into the bag.

This is possible because it is designed with Water-resistant Rip-stop polyester which is fabric that slides water hence preventing water from penetrating into the bag.

This allows you to continue with your hiking even in the rainy weather with the certainty that your stuff are safe.


The backpack distributes weight evenly. This is made possible by the shoulder and waist straps. You can carry it for miles or rather long distances without getting tired of carrying it at all.

The waist belt is long enough to have you buckle up and also distribute weight below the waist such that you don’t feel much weight and therefore making you more than comfortable when walking or hiking. Here you can also get more lightweight backpack review.

Frame Bar

The WASING 55L is designed with single contoured Aluminum Frame bar which can be adjusted to suit its many users according to the shapes of their backs.

This enhances comfort ability of the backpack carrier during hiking or long-distance walks and is, therefore, suitable for anyone who wishes to purchase the backpack since one isn’t limited due to body shape or height.

Airflow Channels

The backpack molded black foam panel contains airflow channels. With the airflow channels, the backpack can be kept cool and dry such that it is suitable for carrying when going for hiking and camping during any weather. In rainy seasons it can still be kept cool and dry to suit hiking.

Multiple Straps

A good backpack has multiple straps for it to be tightened or loosened to adjust to fit the person carrying it. WASSING 55L has shoulder chest straps and hip belts to ensure flexibility when carrying it.

Shoulder straps and chest straps are padded to promote circulation of air along the back and also shoulder attachment points such that one doesn’t feel any discomfort when the backpack is in the back.


  • Lightweight
  • High quality
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Attractive design


  • No back support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the WASING 55L fit tall people who stand at 6feet?

A: Yes, It does fit perfectly even for those who are more than 6 feet tall. The bag isn’t that small, and it isn’t that big either.

Q: Is the backpack heavy?

A: Not at all! It has tons of space, and the many pockets allow you to distribute stuff therefore not making it heavy.With the distributed weight, it becomes light.

Q: Is the bag suitable for teenagers only?

A: Not really, WASING 55L is suitable for everyone. Both men and women and teenagers

Final Verdict

I would advise the WASING 55L backpack for hiking and camping. For the lovers of the two activities, the backpack has you sorted without any worry of what to use to carry your necessities. The waterproof qualities make it more than interesting for backpack users.

You can purchase from the many available colors any color you find attractive to you. Its design is perfect for the many pockets and straps.

There is absolutely no reason why one can’t consider purchasing the backpack. I must say, this backpack is the most amazing carry on when going for camping or going for hiking.

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