Best Hiking Backpack For Women – Guide & Reviews

Is your company planning on team building that involves activities like camping and hiking? If yes, you know what that means, travel and packing up for all those days you will be gone. Acquiring the best hiking backpack bag is the next thing you need to tackle.

Manufacturers have been innovative enough to give you bags of different varieties to fit you back length, weight capacity, design, and taste.

Hiking backpacks are designed to meet the needs of every user. Women need the best backpacks that will fit all their hiking essentials.

If you are looking for that bag that gives that fit perfect look no further. I got you covered. Here are some top brands for women you can choose from.

Best Hiking Backpack For Women

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Backpack For Women

Since these bags are used to carry luggage for camping or travel, is very important you get the best for your needs. Here are some of the basic factors you need to factor in before purchase;

Safety / Back Protection

If you are keen to notice that machines have an overload protection, you will also be keen to ask how comfortable you will be in carry the bag.

Travelers will always tend to pack more than they need to be you should be careful because all that weight will lie on your back.

Consider a backpack that is comfortable and light in weight. It should have shoulder straps and an adjustable back system to fit the length of your back comfortably.


This can be the hardest part in shopping for your backpack. You need to know what you need to carry, how long you will be gone for hiking and how much weight are you comfortable to carry. Small backpacks are good for people who want to travel light with the toughest restrictions of airlines of 7 kgs. However, bigger packs allow you to gain more items on the road as this is inevitable.

Type Of Backpack

Each brand has something to offer though some shoppers are very loyal to their brands. Trying out different backpack will do no harm as it gives you more knowledge.

Some brands may have a very attractive feature such as a rolling duffle for push and pull in case your shoulders need to be relieved of the weight for some time.

Additional Features

Sticking a balance between what features are necessary and which you can do without can be hard. I would suggest you approach this based on capacity and how often you are going to use it.

​These may be many access points for packing and unpacking, duffel capability, daypacks, external pockets for small items, camera and laptop protection with a fleeced lining, cord for sleeping bags and tents among others.


You always get what you pay for. A backpack with many features, enough carrying capacity, and maneuverability, may be costly for the value attached to it. There are all backpacks available that range from affordable to high-end designs.

For the expensive brands there may no complain but lowly priced ones you may end up having to replace broken zipper or ripped fabric more often.

Recommend Best Hiking Backpack For Women

Manufacturers have brilliantly mastered their art in business by making sure they produce as many models as possible that will be suitable for simple clients to the very sophisticated clients. This makes me sweat a lot in trying to advise you on the best.

While quality for each is superb, they may be designed uniquely for a certain target or client. You only need to know which backpack is great for you and purchase it as the choice solely lies with you. Worry not about the product as standard has been put to ensure it is the best.

1. High Sierra Women's Summit 40

High Sierra Women's Summit 40

This stylish, high-quality, lightweight backpacks for women with awesome features you can't wait for that long awaited vacation to step outdoor with it. The following are its unique features:

It gives you maximum space to pack all you need to use in hiking in one compact single bag.

It has enough room for personal effects, tents, sleeping bags among others. It can carry up to 40 liters with is good enough for women.

Easy To Access

Unlike the traditional bags where if you needed something you had only one access point. This bag has several access points for easy access without disarranging your pack.

Divided Compartments

Has two parts that are the top main load compartment with a drawstring closure and adjustable lid and the front load compartment for sleeping bag and tents. It also has a few exterior pocket for storing small items and hold water bottle of up to 1000ml.

Back System

Well made for user comfort. It has a padded back strap with adjustable load lifters and waist belt for comfort without putting much strain on your back. It allows the weight to lie on your hip comfortable even for petite women. For air circulation, it has airflow channels to keep your back dry during activity.

2. High Sierra Women's Explorer 50

High Sierra Women's Explorer 50

The ideal women's 50-liter weekend expedition or travel carry a backpack with a comfortable lift while hiking. These features dominantly stand out in this design;

The backpack bag is very light in weight for women to comfortably carry around.

With a weight of 4.5 lbs and a capacity of 50 liters able to carry so much while at the same time not so much to carry around.


Fitted on the waist belt and straps with a highly padded dense wick that keeps away moisture by allowing free circulation of air for you back to remain dry all through.

Rain Cover

This model has a rain cover just in case rain falls and you need to safely keep your bag dry because you may be carrying valuables that are easily damaged by water like mobile phones, laptops, cameras among others.

Sternum Strap

This is specifically designed to give you maximum comfort by helping you stabilize the load on your back. The dual aluminum frame bars are adjustable to fit the shape of your back.

3. Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack 50l With Waterproof Backpack Cover

Outdoor Master Hiking Backpack 50l With Waterproof Backpack Cover

The best masterpiece for this brand made of durable nylon, available in a range of colors and designed for absolute user comfort preferably women.

The outdoor master 50l is spacious to carry sports and personal effects.

It has two compartments; the main for the load and the front compartment for other items such as beddings. Also, has a pocket rich design for easily sorting out gear.

Mesh Ventilation System

Made with a high density padded mesh fabric on the back, strap and the waist belt for good air circulation for a dry back giving you optimal comfort during activity.

Soft Padded Laptop Compartment

Has a fleeced soft padded interior for laptop, mobile phone and camera carriage without scratch or damage.


The external covering has a water resistant material for shallow rains and a rain cover for a heavy downpour. This ensures the luggage remain intact free of water or dampness.

4. G4 Free Large 40l Lightweight Water-Resistant Travel Backpack

G4 Free Large 40l Lightweight Water-Resistant Travel Backpack

Suitable for women due to is weight and is characterized by the following:

This bag is made with several access points for easy packing and unpacking.

You do not have to get your things out to retrieve something other access points will do for you.


This is an adult-sized model but folds into a small compact hand held carry bag. When in use it has enough space for your luggage.


Made of double-lined strong nylon to last longer holding much weight and withstanding all weather. Besides, it has a warranty for defects of the manufacturer.

Back System

The backpack gives you maximum comfort from its well-padded strap, adjustable load lifters and waist bell so that there is even weight distribution on your back.

5. Venture Pal Light Weight Packable Durable Travel Backpack Daypack

Venture Pal Light Weight Packable Durable Travel Backpack Daypack

The following inbuilt feature makes this lightweight travel bag great for use.

Though some may claim it's very expensive.

It's well made for durability and has a lifetime warranty. Assures of a hassle free life and peace of mind.

Duffel Capability

This bag allows you to drag to the ground, awesome as you can still move the bag not necessarily it being on your back. Once you get tired, just roll.


Has a two zipped front pockets and two-sided pockets where you can carry your snacks and drinks for the day use.


Have padded straps, adjustable load lifter that put the bag centrally for stability and comfort of the user.

Final Words

Well, I may have helped you narrow down to the backpack you want which by now you have in mind. It would be unfair to leave you without giving my final verdict.

Shop around even if you have already spotted what you want, you could get a store that has the same product at a lower price. Make sure you have thoroughly checked for any tears, broken zippers or any damage before taking it.

Choose your best fit that you are comfortable in and have it fitted by a professional. Just so it safely carries your goods invest in a rain cover.

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